freedom is what I mean


Vernissage: 8th of september 2009 at 7 pm Pictures and Sculpures from 8 artists: I´m showing new paintings to honor the 250 date of death of Friedrich Schiller. Occasion and impetus are the thoughts on the French Revolution, which he has combined together to the letters of the esthetic education. letters of the esthetic education […]

Biennale Venice 2009

Impressions on the Venice Biennale in summer 2009 Most impressive, the pavilions from Hungary and Ägpten. The German Pavilion was more of the Representation of the carpenters’ guild and in front of the American Pavilion was constantly a queue of people – for whatever reason. (nothing against the German carpenters’ guild, but the work was […]

Turquoise – A world between blue and green


Turquoise A world between blue and green … and yet lives a different, often brilliant and mysterious world in the spirit of turquoise. Turquoise speaks to the intermediate world, immersed in the soul and finds unspoken words there, she speaks in a realm between light and dark, between light and darkness, the largest polarities in […]

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