Loneliness – being alone – being all-one


Loneliness – being alone – being all-one An important aspect in my art work is loneliness. For me, the more coherent spelling “being all-one” is more urgent in its composition and points more clearly to the core of the statement. The german word “all” (you could translate it with: space) implicates a larger, all-encompassing, the […]

Featured on Saatchi

Stanko pinkmagenta-in-orange

See and buy my work on Saatchi Art Featured on Saatchiart.com the first week of march. And new as well – please visit the Saatchi Art Store.  I´m working on new colorfield paintings, really busy in my studio please have a view  https://www.saatchiart.com/art-collection/New-This-Week-3-9-2020/153961/331312/view  

Studio Impressions July 2019 till March 2020

studio impression

Not much to say but a lot to show…please check out some new / old discovered and re-painted colorfields. While I was searching for new expressions I found the magic of using the color “white” and the material “wax” as elements to play with…

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