Conscious of the infiniteness

If we dare the last step on the threshold of light, it will probably be a lonely. “Lonely” in the best sense – by planting a seed – in the dark of being, which concomitantly gives us as a shadow all the vividness of his lifetime. Color force that makes life worth living so bright-and then as the essence enables on the threshold of the transition. Here, the quantitative time does not matter, because light MISTY reveals itself at the moment.

And so grows the “one seed” – the test of time – bear fruit and ripen again at some point the soul stimulating a new question implanting and new life given to the people again dance corporeal on to pastures new throws – just because he can … and because the soul is preparing to collect new knowledge in the consciousness of finitude.

What is freedom to you?

“To stay even in the midst of the other face of opposition . Art is not exciting when everything is allowed. Art is most interesting when negotiating boundaries , expands , explodes . The works that are beyond any modes are these that arose against resistance .”

From the interview with Hélène Grimaud in the SZ-Magazin No.34

Well here is always a time factor which plays a crucial role or even none at all, since developments against resistors obey its own rules . Like other phenomena such as flowing water or light phenomena.

To work across resistors – again and again – over the years creates a type of  “resistance point” .  And it´s not about being against something but much more  a “fine adjust” on the border to be faithful self-binding. To stand for something – being here has a very different power and sustainability.

In the creation of boundaries in the above slide away in the scenic sense and with the active support of color and their immanence succeed condensations on the border – truths and boundary – stretching. Visible. Acting .

red-on-red-color field painting

red-on-red-color field painting

Color Field Painting in Springtime

Earth Force and the demanding light of spring bring new colors to the fore … Or already cover that has come through layers and compacting the soul finds new color spaces

Solo Exhibition Hohenbrunn / Munich – Germany in 2008

Great exhibiton room to show my color field paintings