Q: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Q: Do you remember your first experience of being creative?

Q: Do you have idols that influence your practise?

Q: Your paintings are abstract with a harmonious mix of colors. How did you develop your visual language?

Q: How have you, as an artist, evolved over the past years, also taking the rise of the Internet into consideration?

lesson in survival | 2023 | 100x100x4.5cm | acrylic on canvas

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I need a certain energy level to be able to create art. And to be able to fire this kind of energy into my artistic practise, I draw inspiration from things that I love, like ??? or ???, spending time in nature, listening to music, and reading philosophical books.

As a child I started with drawing my siblings while sitting in the living room and them watching tv. 


My all time favorite is Paul Klee followed by Mark Rothko an Georgia O`Keeffe. New in my favorite list are this two German painters Rupprecht Geiger and Gotthard Graubner. Both dedicated to the power of color. 

Jean Gebser influnced my thinking as well as Rudolf Steiner and Joseph Beuys.

This all changed with the Internet, which opened up so many possibilities. I started using Facebook and later on Instagram, which had a huge impact. So a worldwide audience could view and collect my work. For me, it’s the mix between having traditional gallery shows and being able to show my work to a wide audience online

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