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Members Exhibiton 2017



Color Awareness Painting

Two new pieces – almost dry… just an impression on how they might fit together in the next exhibition. And some impressions at my new renovated studio where in former times nice horses used to live… Read more

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Exhibition in Munich – Orangerie – Color Field Painting

What a wonderful exhibition place

We enjoyed almost two weeks on our exhibition while having a wonderful time in Munich. So many visitors, great talks about color and it´s meaning, about “color awareness painting” (my new word creation) and how easy it is to meditate in front of this paintings. Some people came almost every day!

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Meaning of Color-Field-Painting

Color Field Painting…

…became some sort of label but dispite that there are still artists who refer in their contemporary art work to this. So I´m one of these and will work on because there´s no alternative when searching for deeper meaning of colour. It seems all stories have been told in painting but when you´re not in telling stories while painting but more in “meditating” over what comes through you and what will last it´s obvious that there can´t be anything else but Color Field Painting. Color is the subject of my work with large painted expanses surrounding the viewer.  Is this style meditative and does it come from the subconsciousness? Not really because while painting a much deeper awareness takes part of my mind and soul and becomes an essential part of the process and at least part of the created art… So I will call it from now on “Color Awareness PaintingRead more

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Color Field Painting Exhibition 2015

Stanko – Color Field Painting Exhibition

Guest Artist: Sabrina Fox – Skulptures

Vernissage on Thursday, 2015-03-19 at 7 pm

Color Field Painting - Vernissage-Einladungskarte

Invitation to our exhibition at Orangerie Munich – Germany
“Englischer Garten 1a | 80538 Munich

Finissage on Sunday, 29th of March at 5 pm

Exhibition: 2015-20-03 until 2015-29-03
times: 12-6 pm

+49 (0)173-5617079
+49 (0)8083-9086269



Color Field Painting in Springtime

Earth Force and the demanding light of spring bring new colors to the fore … Or already cover that has come through layers and compacting the soul finds new color spaces